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I couldn't be happier with the way my case was handled. Everyone was easy to contact and extremely thorough. The specialist's report was easy to understand, written in a patient-friendly way, and a doctor called me and went through it with me.

Mental Health


Getting support from Teladoc Health felt effortless. The client manager would reach out and call me and walk through the program; she made everything make sense. She nudged me, never pushing me, and made me comfortable. She had answers for everything I needed.



It’s way better than sitting in a waiting room with a lot of sick people. It was convenient. The doctor listened to what I had to say and was very respectful to what I had to say.

Sean's story

I find the personalized content from myStrength really helpful because I'm new to mindfulness. Using myStrength has made me more in control of my emotions and aware of my surroundings.
Sean - myStrength user
Expert Medical Services

Elizabeth L.

I was very impressed with the speed with which Teladoc gathered all my medical records, the thoroughness of the medical report and the explanation of the types of specialists who could help me and provide possible treatments.

Mental Health


The experience was great. The service? Amazing. Everyone is so caring, it felt like I was getting hugged. The psychologist has taught me to see the signs, taught me breathing, tools to be able to decrease my medication. It's definitely small steps, but I'm getting better thanks to the program.



Exactly what I was looking for and more. Very fast appointment, very professional doctor, able to see notes on appointment and quick turn around on referral.

Jason's story

We got an MRI and CT scan booked within 72 hours of Teladoc receiving the requisition. The MRI and CT scan results not only went to our treating physician, but also went to the Teladoc Health's medical team [for a second opinion].
Jason - Expert Medical Services user
Expert Medical Services


The Teladoc Health patient advocate listened to my problems right away and I was able to get connected to the right specialist for my symptoms. She would email me weekly to see how I was doing, and update me on the progress of my case. Overall a great experience and great outcome!

Mental Health


There is no doubt in my mind that having the Teladoc Health report made my physician take my claims more seriously. I was able to get a counsellor and a treatment plan that put me on the path to returning to work.



Efficient and informative. With my busy schedule I really liked being able to choose my appointment time and it happened fairly close. Excellent service!

Expert Medical Services


I love Teladoc Health's process - how genuine they've been about my outcome. The mental health coordinator showed me how much she really cared though all the follow-ups, and that made me realize that I should care more about myself too.

Mental Health

Jon W.

They knew the system much better than I did, knew which doctors to contact. In a matter of minutes, they found appropriate therapists and in days, my appointments were booked. I wish health care in Canada was like this all the time. This should be the standard of care.



The response time was amazing, got a call back only 40 minutes after placing a request. Normally with a local physician it would take a week to get an appointment.