expert medical services

Make confident, informed health decisions.

Discover advice and support for medical concerns from leading experts.

Teladoc Health's Expert Medical Services
  • Receive an evaluation of your diagnosis and treatment plan, which are reviewed by carefully selected medical experts.

  • Get assistance in finding local Canadian physicians.

  • Get assistance in finding specialists outside of Canada by searching the Teladoc Health global database of expert physicians in more than 450 specialties and subspecialties.

  • Get help navigating the healthcare system with a personal navigator who will also connect you to information and resources in the care areas of your need.

  • Where permitted, receive an MRI or CT scan within a matter of days so that you can start with treatment and care sooner.

  • Teladoc Health collects and organizes your medical records into one secure file and delivers them with a personalized health summary.

Expert medical advice when you need it most

With Teladoc Medical Experts, you have access to advice and support from leading experts whether you are unsure about a diagnosis or treatment, have medical questions or concerns, need help finding an expert who specializes in treating your condition or have been admitted to the hospital and want expert guidance - all to help you make empowered health decisions.

  • A single point of entry to a comprehensive suite of services.

  • Our careful pairing of each complex case with the best medical expert ensures clinical accuracy.

  • We deliver care that is people-centered, safe, accessible, appropriate, and integrated.

Expert medical advice

Make confident health decisions

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We are committed to making clinical quality and convenient virtual care our top priority. That includes extending access to medical experts wherever you are, giving you the peace of mind you need to be confident in your care.

improved diagnosis (2021-2022)**
87 %
improved treatment (2021-2022)**
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Ashifa's story

How a second opinion saved her life
Throughout the process, they would give us amazing updates. Teladoc Health saved my life.

Amandeep's story

The journey to a pain-free life
It was amazing. The Teladoc Health patient advocate listened to my problems right away and I was able to get connected to the right specialist for my symptoms. She would email me weekly to see how I was doing and update me on the progress of my case. Overall, a great experience and great outcome!

Peter's story

Getting back to healthy living
After reaching out to Teladoc Health and receiving a new expert medical opinion, Peter was cleared to return to active police duty.

Kevin's story

Getting peace of mind
Teladoc Health really pulled out all the stops, they had hundreds of medical reports and dozens of imaging to review and they didn't miss a thing. I was so impressed.

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