Virtual Emergency Room

Our Virtual Emergency Room program offers remote access to emergency doctors at rural care facilities. This keeps emergency rooms open and helps patients receive medical attention while limiting the need to travel outside their community to access emergency care.

A Virtual Emergency Room operates similarly to a traditional emergency room. Patients will be seen by a nurse or clinician in-person, and may then be connected to a virtual ER doctor. The virtual ER doctor will work closely with the on-site nurse and other clinicians who will use remote technology that recreates an in-person patient/doctor experience. Together, they will determine a diagnosis and necessary treatments and follow-up with local experts if further treatment is required.

Guarantee access to emergency medical care

Avoid facility closures by staffing ERs with remote emergency physicians

Retain clinical staff

Boost job satisfaction, promote collaboration and provide consistent staffing

Drive better patient outcomes

Improve local population health by providing timely access to acute care

Improve operational efficiency

Optimize care team workflows with the support of Teladoc Health’s Clinical Advisory Team

If you are a patient located in Newfoundland and Labrador interested in virtual ER, please click here.

Complex problems require multifaceted,

data-driven solutions

Virtual ER is a multifaceted solution that leverages our industry-leading technology and robust Canadian physician database to drive high quality patient-centric care. With over 20 years of experience delivering virtual care in Canada and a deep understanding of health system operations, Teladoc Health is here to help you design a virtual ER program that best supports your patients and providers. Teladoc Health's virtual ER includes:

How does vER work?

Each virtual ER solution is designed in collaboration with on-site teams to create a customized workflow that easily integrates with existing processes.

Patient presents to emergency department and is triaged by on-site clinician.


Onsite clinician initiates vER in Solo™.


Teladoc Health vER physician assesses patient via device.


Verbal order provided to on-site clinician and documentation created.


On-site clinician prints Solo™ visit notes and files in patient medical charts.


Driven by reliable, industry-leading technology

Our devices use private remote technology to connect virtual and on-site clinicians to deliver the highest quality provider-patient experience Technology