Mariana Bockarova, PhD, Head of Marketing, Canada
Mariana Bockarova, PhD

Head of Marketing, Canada

Dr. Mariana Bockarova leads all marketing efforts for Teladoc Health Canada. She is responsible for the strategic direction and positioning of the Canadian brand and all product portfolios, as well as member engagement, clinician engagement, and consumer relationship management.

Dr. Bockarova has previously held health marketing roles at Teladoc Health (US), leading the content strategy for the Mental Health and Chronic Condition portfolios, at LifeLabs, leading all marketing efforts for B2B, brand, innovation, brick-and-morter, and the digital health portal, and as a consultant for the Ontario Ministry of Health.

Dr. Bockarova holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Toronto, a Master's degree from Harvard University, and a PhD from the University of Toronto, where she explored experimental disclosure therapy and cognitive test anxiety. Dr. Bockarova has held positions as a member of the Board of Internal Affairs of the Harvard Graduate Council, and the co-Vice President of the Harvard Graduate Consulting Club. She was also accepted into the Junior Fellowship of Massey College and awarded the University of Toronto TATP Teaching Excellence Award for her instruction of undergraduate students.